Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Unique & Stunningly Beautiful 
These Handmade
 Double Wall Thermo Glasses
 Are A Work Of Art In Your Hand
Curva from Ozeri

Absolutely beautiful, that's the words I would use to describe these glasses. Each one is different and unique and look great on my kitchen table. These glasses are handmade and the unique ripple designs were created by being mouth blown to make each glass's design. They are made from a high quality borosilicate glass that is tough but also lightweight. These are also thermo glasses so you can handle and hold these glasses comfortably with either hot or cold beverages in them. The double walled thermo also keeps these glasses from sweating or forming condensation on the outside of the glass. No more sweaty glasses making your hand wet and the glass sliding out of your hand. Also no more sweaty glasses on my tables or wood furniture leaving permanent marks on the  furniture. 

I love how these glasses fit under my Keurig machine so I can make a cup of coffee, espresso, tea, or hot cocoa and the glasses hold a full 8 ounces. These also make great juice glasses if I want to enjoy a nice glass of orange, or other fruit juices. They are also great if you need to grab a quick drink to take with medicine or you just need a quick drink of water during the night. Another great use I have for these glasses is they make great cocktail glasses. I love enjoying a glass of wine with my dinner in one of these glasses, or a nice whiskey and cola cocktail while I'm relaxing and watching a movie. 

These glasses are dishwasher safe and also safe to put in the microwave. The borosilicate glass shines and looks beautiful in my hand or on the table. It is made tough too, I accidentally dropped one getting it out of the dishwasher on the kitchen linoleum and it didn't break, chip, or crack. I was really impressed at how tough these glasses are, definitely tough enough for this butterfingers. I love how each glass is different where some have more curves in the design and others have less. The curve design fits in my hand comfortable and hugs the curves in my hand making them easy to hold onto. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review of it.

To learn more about these beautiful glasses or to order a set, please use this link:

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