Saturday, March 19, 2016

New Year Why Not Get Organized 

This organizer was exactly what I needed for this messy desk. It has two metal shelves perfect for papers, I'm using mine for excess printer paper that won't fit in my printer tray. There's slots at the top for you to put bills, important papers, notebooks, or whatever you choose. It was easy to assemble it only took about 3 minutes. The organizer is strong and sturdy and made of all metal with a black coating on it. 

I like how you can choose to put the top pieces on or not or some but not all, so it can fit in smaller areas if you don't put the top pieces on. I also like how there's a barrier behind the two shelves so if you pick it up and tilt it the paper won't go flying out the back of it. Or if I have the window open or the fan on the paper doesn't come flying out. The metal is very strong and sturdy and doesn't bend easily so this organizer is very well made. The black color goes it any desk color and looks great with my wood finish desk. I can now organize papers on my desk and don't have to spend minutes searching for a bill or other important paper when I need it. I have the slots on top sectioned off as paid bills, unpaid bills, medical paperwork, notebooks, and other. This is a great tool for anyone needing to get their desk or work area organized. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review of it. 

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