Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Bru Joy Can Opener

Bru Joy Deluxe Can Opener
Every kitchen needs a good can opener from large to small, 5 star to a tiny dorm room. Not all can openers are created equal either. Some have very dull blades, the crank is hard to turn, or they leave a jagged edge behind on the can. But none of that is the case here with the Bru Joy can opener.

The first thing I noticed when I opened it up was the sheer quality of it and appearance. Its made of high quality 18/10 stainless steel and has a shiny mirror finish. So the look and feel of it is really high end. The blades are really sharp and just glide around the can and the ergonomic handles make it really easy to hold onto. The knob is also really easy to turn and would be perfect for seniors with arthritis. Even on the large warehouse store bulk cans of fruits and veggies this can opener opened with ease.  Here is a video I made of me testing it out:

This can opener would make a nice gift for a housewarming , dorm or shower gift.  It would compliment any kitchen with its beautiful design and its function. If you would like to purchase one for yourself or as a gift here is the Amazon link:


  1. I got the chance to try this out, I must say it's more than nice. It's not a battle to open cans now. Is so simple and easy! Great video too!

  2. Cool! Thanks for this! Got an idea now on what gift to give for my newly wed friends.