Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Ozeri Electric Wine Opener
with Aerating Pourer & Foil Cutter
Do you drink wine but hate the headache of removing the cork when you open up a bottle? Lets face it you're not alone. For years I've struggled with a hand crank bottle opener that's a real headache. Here's what always seems to happen. The corkscrew will get screwed in crooked and then you have to back it out and start all over. And all that turning the corkscrew really wears out your hands and arms.  And it never fails the cork gets all chewed up and you end up with tiny pieces of cork floating around in your glass of wine. Big mess right? Well that's all a memory for me now.

When the Ozeri wine opener arrived at my door I was pretty excited to get it. I had done a little research and electric wine openers are a really hot item right now. So when I opened it up right away I noticed how professional it looks. It has a stylish black finish with chrome accents on the top and bottom. The black has almost a rubberized feel to it so it helps it to stay put in your hand really well. The unit itself sits on a charging base much like a cordless phone. The base is used to charge the unit or to just keep it in when not in use. The charging base comes with a adapter to plug into the wall to charge. The wine opener also comes with a aerating pourer that fits snugly on the bottle, and a foil cutter. The foil cutter can be stored on the back of the charging base for safe keeping. 

Here is a video I made of me trying out the Ozeri wine opener:

When I tried the wine opener out I was in shock by how easy it is to use. It pulled the cork out of a bottle in mere seconds. No more cranking and pulling. You just position the unit on top your bottle, push the button by the downwards arrow, then once its got ahold of the cork you just push the button by the upwards arrow and presto it pulls the cork right out. Effortless! The unit itself is very lightweight and it can open up to 80 bottles in a single charge. The foil cutter is sharp and cuts right through even the thickest foil. The aerating pour helps give you a more flavorful experience with your wine. Ozeri has included a 1 year warranty with their product so you can purchase it worry free. This would make a great housewarming, or hostess gift and would make a wonderful addition to a home bar. Treat the wine drinker in your life to the Ozeri electric wine opener they'll love you for it!! 

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  1. Nice!!! I used to be a bartender a couple years ago and I should be a pro. But I'm not! My problem is the cork breaking while trying to use a hand cork. I don't know how many cork screws I have went through but none of them seem to be any better! It would be great to have an electric opener and get your wine open fast not 30 minutes lol. Fantastic review!