Monday, October 20, 2014

Puracy Baby & Body Lotions

Puracy never fails to amaze me! This time its their baby and body lotions. Both come in large 12 oz bottles so you really get your moneys worth. They also both smell amazing as well! And just like all the other great Puracy products these too are organic, all natural, and hypoallergenic. Puracy never tests on animals and their products are made in the USA. They also donate to local less fortunate children and families. An all around great company to purchase produsts from.

The Oatmeal and Honey Baby lotion is gentle and toxin free. It contains no silicones, parabens, dyes, harsh chemicals, phthalates, formaldehyde, PEG, nut based ingredients, or animal by products. Instead you'll find organic aloe vera, sunflower oil, plant based shea butter, jojoba oil, and vitamins E & B5. I love the soothing oatmeal and honey scent that's very calming and relaxing. Also the thick formula stays put and doesn't slide off your hand. That's a blessing when you're trying to put lotion on a wiggling baby. I also love that there's no harsh fragrances or alcohol in this lotion. So its safe to use on the most sensitive of skin and it doesn't irritate the sinuses.

The Hand and Body lotion is deliciously scented with milk and honey. It has all the great ingredients the Baby lotion has so you can baby your skin and have it feeling baby soft. I love the value you get for the size and price compared to other popular brands. It is also not overly perfumed so it won't irritate your sinuses. I have suffered with dry, rough, itchy skin on my legs and backs of my hands and have tried many lotions but none have worked as well as the Puracy. Within days of using this lotion on my hands and legs the itch went away and my skin became really soft and smooth. I no longer feel embarrassed of my dry, rough irritated skin. And best of all with both lotions they don't leave your skin feeling greasy or sticky after applying the product. You can get dressed right after using it without ruining your clothes like some other lotions do. 

In this photo I decided to show you that you can squirt out a good sized amount of this lotion on your hand and flip it upside down and the thick formula stays put. No thin, runny lotion here!

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  1. I agree. Both Puracy Lotions are amazing. I am extremely pleased with the scent of both. They are also very nourishing and takes care of my skin. And I have never seen a lotion that thick in a while. Which is great! Nice post!