Friday, November 14, 2014

Hidden Valley Ranch RanchFest
I received this awesome party pack from Crowdtap. In it I received packets of Hidden Valley Ranch dressing, ranch dip, a full sized bottle of ranch dressing, dip cups, and a t-shirt. 

I decided to try out some of my party pack with my family and friends, I used several packets of the dip mix and some crackers and fresh veggies to make everyone a healthy appetizer. It was a huge hit! For the main course I used a few more packets to make ranch chicken in the oven. I paired it with ranch potatoes which is taking new potatoes (yellow variety) and sprinkling ranch dip packets on the potatoes and cooking them in the oven. We also had small side salads with ranch dressing.

Everyone loved the meal and even went back for seconds. I had nothing left for leftovers the next day but everyone in the house was full and happy. We have a new favorite meal at our house now!

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  1. Ranch is good on everything and hidden valley is the ONLY ranch I will buy in my house. You will have to post the recipe for the ranch chicken for us. I love dipping in pizza, french fries, and veggies to.