Monday, November 24, 2014

Scott Naturals Tube Free Toilet Tissue

I received a complimentary pack of the new Scott Naturals  Tube Free from Crowdtap.  It has all the softness and strength of regular Scott tissue but without the tube. After trying it out I must say that I like it a lot better than regular toilet tissue with tubes. Not having to remove an empty tube when replacing the roll was efficient. And it made for less trash needing to be taken out to the curb. Every little bit helps when trying to help our environment and reduce the size of our landfills. Statistics say that we throw away around 17 billion cardboard tubes a year. That's a huge amount of trash ending up in our landfills. But Scott tissue has taken the first step in reducing that and I am proud to say that I am supporting it and going "Tube Free"!

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