Monday, November 10, 2014

Resource Natural Spring Water

Resource natural spring water makes staying hydrated simple and easy. Do to some recent health problems in my life I've had to start drinking a lot more water. Ten to twelve glasses a day to be exact. I love the Resource water because it comes in a bottle that fits conveniently in my purse, so its easy to take along where ever I go. Resource makes their bottles out of 50% recycled plastic so they care about the environment like I do. There's 0 calories in every bottle, and we could all stand to do without a few calories. Each bottle is 23.7 fluid ounces which is large enough to keep you hydrated but not too large to become awkward to carry. They have also added natural electrolytes to improve the taste. Its become my go to source for staying hydrated and keeping me healthy.

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  1. Love how Recourse Water is 50% recycled plastic material it's nice that they are trying to help.